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Parts of the exhaust system are prone to corrosion and rust and may frequently need replacing.

Exhaust, the byproduct of an internal combustion engine in a car, passes through several components until it is expelled into the air. These components serve to remove exhaust from the engine, reduce the volume level and partially clean the expelled gas. The components that make up this system in a car are quite simple yet integral to the modern car.

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The first step of the journey for exhaust gasses is the exhaust manifold. This piece connects to the engine and consolidates the exhaust into one pipe. These pieces must withstand extremely high heat and are made out of iron, steel or aluminum.

The oxygen sensor is a part of the car's computer system. The sensor analyzes how much oxygen is present in the exhaust gasses. This enables the vehicle to adjust the fuel to oxygen ratio, which can result in improved fuel economy and a reliable power output.

The catalytic converter helps to clean the exhaust gasses of the car. It can remove or reduce the amount of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides that a car emits. This piece is located between the exhaust manifold and the muffler. All new cars must have catalytic converters or they will not pass inspection.

Mufflers do exactly what their name implies, they muffle the sound of the exhaust. A vehicle without a muffler is extremely loud. Mufflers must also be present on modern cars; otherwise, the car will not pass inspection.

The exhaust pipe carries the exhaust gas throughout the different car exhaust systems. This piping is typically made of steel or aluminum and travels almost the length of the car. This part of the exhaust system is prone to corrosion and rust and may frequently need replacing.


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